SwiftCurrent provides SwiftCurrent_CLI, a utility that can make decoding workflows much more convenient. Invoke the CLI by using swift run --product=SwiftCurrent_CLI generate <command>. If you’d like to have SwiftCurrent create a FlowRepresentableAggregator for you, simply run swift run --product=SwiftCurrent_CLI generate type-registry <path-to-sources> --output=<path-to-save-generated-file>.

Add the code generation step to your project before you compile sources. Also, make sure to reference the generated file from your project. This tool will read all the .swift files in the sources you provided, find every type that conforms to WorkflowDecodable, and create a registry that contains all of them. It also provides convenient methods to simplify decoding workflows (you will not have to pass an aggregator because it defaults to the generated one).