open class UIWorkflowItem<I, O> : UIViewController

A subclass of UIViewController designed for convenience. This does NOT have to be used, it simply removes some of the boilerplate that normally comes with a FlowRepresentable.


If you would like the same convenience for other UIKit types, this class is very straightforward to create:

open class UITableViewWorkflowItem<I, O>: UITableViewController {
    public typealias WorkflowInput = I
    public typealias WorkflowOutput = O

    public weak var _workflowPointer: AnyFlowRepresentable?


class SomeFlowRepresentable: UIWorkflowItem<String, Never>, FlowRepresentable { // WorkflowInput of String, Output of Never
   var name: String
   required init(with name: String) {
       self.name = name