Creating Workflows in SwiftUI

Step 1:

To create workflows in SwiftUI, start with a view that should be part of a Workflow and modify it to be FlowRepresentable.


struct FirstView: View, FlowRepresentable {
    weak var _workflowPointer: AnyFlowRepresentable?

    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            Text("I am the first view!")
            Button("Proceed to the next item in the workflow") {

Note: The _workflowPointer is needed as an anchor point for your Workflow. You do not have to worry about setting it, you merely need space for it on your structs. SwiftUI actually does the exact same thing with a _location variable, it’s just that Apple has secret compiler magic to hide that. Unfortunately, that compiler magic is not shared.

Note: FlowRepresentable.proceedInWorkflow() is what you call to have your view move forward to the next item in the Workflow it is part of.

Step 2:

Define your WorkflowView. This indicates if the workflow is shown and describes what items are in it.


/* Each item in the workflow is defined as a `WorkflowItem` passing the type of the FlowRepresentable to create when appropriate as the workflow proceeds */
WorkflowView {